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Allow us to help you customize a wellness program tailor-fit for your needs

Discovery Call

Choose this option to see if lifestyle and nutrition coaching is right for your needs.  Meet your Coach and get to know our process for the best fit.
Initial Consultation

This is your first step towards working with us.  It provides you with an in-depth opportunity to connect with your Coach and discuss your case.  This appointment is not limited by time with the primary goal to accurately assess client needs.  After your session, your Coach will spend extensive effort putting together an initial care plan based on your stated priorities. 
  • This report may include recommendations for nutritional supplements, functional health test kits offered to clients at cost and/or referrals to medical providers.
Health Coaching

This service is booked as a single session to address any lifestyle questions pertinent to the client.  Those who have more autonomy over their lifestyle and nutrition that want some additional clarity and direction are better suited for this option.
Premium Health Coaching

This service is an appropriate option for those who are ready to embark on regular lifestyle coaching sessions.  Enjoy significant savings by adopting a monthly subscription which includes up to four sessions per month up to 1-hour in duration.  Together, you and your Coach will closely monitor progress, expand awareness of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle practices with a variety of tools and resources at hand while collaborating on successful goal attainment.  It's not so much about what I tell you to do, but what you decide to do for yourself.  It is recommended to commit to a minimum of three to six months.
Fitness Training

Enjoy in-home personal fitness coaching through Zoom with a variety of formats (Yoga, Strength Training, Mobility, Meditation, Cardio)
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K9 Fit Club, Palm Beach Gardens

K9 Fit Club provides wellness at both ends of the leash.  It is the only human/canine fitness program nationally recognized by the American Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and more! 


All incoming participants are encouraged to complete our beginner's program, Commit To Be Fit, a six-week program designed to help you and your pup transition to working out together while learning safety essentials.  Sessions take place at Lakeside Park in North Palm Beach or from the comfort of your home – outdoors!  All equipment will be provided for you.


Included in the program is the opportunity to meet with your Coach separately via Zoom for up to 45-minutes to discuss your own wellness needs.  It’s a great way to get you and pup started on the right paw for better health.


Please click here for more information.

*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are only offering one-on-one K9 Fit Club sessions at this time to ensure your health and safety.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn by all Coaches and equipment is sanitized after each use.  Update 1/1/21: K9 Fit Club services are currently on hold until further notice.

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