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                                  Your Physical Health

This encompasses everything pertaining to your physical body; personal fitness, nutrition habits and organ system health and functionality.  This also includes your sleep habits.  Consider these almost like an external barometer to your internal terrain.

                                  Your Emotional Health

There is tremendous value in understanding why you feel the emotions you do.  The key lies in the ability to recognize triggers and uncovering deeper subconscious tendencies that can keep us in holding patterns instead of allowing them to transform.  In other words, this can be the difference in feeling “stuck” or coping effectively and moving with grace with the ever-constant changes of life.

                                  Your Spiritual Health

Did you know you have a spiritual body?  They need nourishment like our physical bodies do.  Taking care of this aspect of your well-being through prayer, meditation and connecting with those who share your beliefs provides a deeper meaning for life and a sense of purpose that extends beyond your own desires. 

                                  Your Financial Health

Money can’t buy happiness, but money is a necessary tool in order to live and thrive.  Having the ability to pay off debts, put food on the table, enjoy leisure activities and invest in the future provides fiscal stability and peace of mind. 

                                  Your Social Health

We are inherently social creatures.  We long for a sense of connection, belonging and having the right support network to push us forward in our goals.  Who are you spending the majority of your time with?  What is the vibe of your environment?  Do you know if your network truly supports your health goals?


When we are blessed by the freedom that optimal health and well-being brings, we can attain peace

You are a multidimensional being. You

are a reflection of everything in your world, whether you are conscious of it or not. From the way you take care of yourself, to the way you present to those around you, it all plays deeply interconnected roles in how you physically look, feel and perform. The following is our adaptation of the dimensions of wellness, which includes several others, but are easier to remember.

Approaching health from this holistic type of viewpoint allows one to address often neglected areas in their everyday existence that contribute to dis-ease.  With the right support guided by your own intuitive intelligence, you’ll be surprised how beautifully unexpected shifts in perspective can change how you live your life.


…it will show you what you need to do for yourself when you take the time to listen. 

Our Approach_Intuition.jpg

Remember, your intuition is a source of information that connects you to YOU.  This information is energy and according to the laws of physics, it is neither created nor destroyed -- just transformed.  Are you transforming this innate energy into something usable or are you clouding your ability with distractions and other's truths?  

When you work with me, I provide you with the ability to ultimately make decisions that empower your health and build your self-love and compassion through every stage of life.  I will teach you a foundational platform based in human physiology.  I will be right there with you in every step of your discovery.  I will support and motivate you to trust yourself using your body's signals and evidence-based information.  The rest is left in your capable hands.

Being intuitive is a skill that we all have the ability to develop with practice. It requires working with your mind and body through the many changes it experiences on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. 

This inherent skill is developed when we:

  • Dedicate time in our day for exercise and quiet meditation/reflection/prayer

  • Express our creativity

  • Feed our bodies and minds with life

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